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LA Auto Show.

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Just wasted another $10 of my hard earned retirement money. The show sucks as usual. The only thing that piqued my interest, yes, I'd buy one in an instant, is the Dodge Magnum SR/T with the 425hp motor. Not one rally car did I see. What's up organizers? Saw a trio of extremely bored SCCA types at their stand. Picked up a brochure and there, as plain as day, mentioning rally! Guy walks over and asks if he could be of assistance. I was too embarrassed to talk to him. No videos showing of cone squishers, racing, etc, but RALLY! I think SCCA has a serious identity problem. Saw lots of funny looking race cars though!
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>Just wasted another $10 of my hard earned retirement money.

I don't understand why people, retired or still wet behind the ears, pay to watch, wear, and listen to advertising. You paid $10 plus gas and parking and wasted your time to go to a big commercial?

Remember in the late 70's the promises of cable television was "COMMERCIAL FREE"! The mantra went on about how people paying for cable TV would not have to watch commercials.

Remember rally when sponsorship meant a company gave you money and/or parts for free? This was in exchange for carrying their stickers. Now, you guys jump up and down yelling "yippee" if there is some contingency crap.

I wear only my own logo unless someone pays me to wear theirs. If SCCA or Rally America or WRC or anyone else wants me wear their logo, then they will have to pay me.... not the other way around.

And yes boys and girls.... I remove any external labels from clothing I purchase including jeans and virtually anything else.
>PS. Looks as though your rallying days are over then!

I think you missed my point. I'm not talking about wearing an SCCA etc suit patch, car sticker etc during an event. I am talking about buying hats, shirts, jackets, etc with someone else's advertising. Why pay someone to wear their advertising? They should pay you to wear their advertising.

My point relates to rally, football teams, beer, designer clothes, software, or darn near anything.

Things have changed. Not for the better. Just everyone is getting used to the crap, so they don't notice it so much.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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