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LA Auto Show.

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Just wasted another $10 of my hard earned retirement money. The show sucks as usual. The only thing that piqued my interest, yes, I'd buy one in an instant, is the Dodge Magnum SR/T with the 425hp motor. Not one rally car did I see. What's up organizers? Saw a trio of extremely bored SCCA types at their stand. Picked up a brochure and there, as plain as day, mentioning rally! Guy walks over and asks if he could be of assistance. I was too embarrassed to talk to him. No videos showing of cone squishers, racing, etc, but RALLY! I think SCCA has a serious identity problem. Saw lots of funny looking race cars though!
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RE: DC Auto Show

At least I got in for free on dealership employee passes.
Subaru displayed a WRC car. Looked to be the real deal and had rally coverage playing on flatscreen behind it.
Was disappointed with the manufacturer's. The coolest cars shown were the Porsche Carrera GT and Mercedes SLR, both of which are in the showroom here where I work except here I can get close enough to drool on them.
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