Four (4) wheels and tires.

No longer available in the US. Excellent condition, like new but a bit dirty from storage.

Simply the best competition rally tire for the price and, to my knowledge, the only DOT legal one ever sold in the US.

These are street-legal, "competition" tires, mounted on Honda/Acura 4x100, 5-spoke, "champagne" alloy wheels with 40mm offset and 56mm hub bore. These should work with most any 4x100 FWD or AWD car.

Tires are 195/65-15 91Q M+S DOT -29P

Radial, tubeless, with symmetrical, non-directional tread. Any tire can be rotated to any corner, unlike asymmetrical treads.

$700 obo

Cash Only. Available for Pick-up Only in San Francisco, CA.