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Kearney Rally Village Sprint 8th Dec 2007

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Kearney Rally Village - Rallysprint

When: Saturday Dec 8th 2007
Entry fee: $475 Cars $300 Moto ($675 and $500 after 30th Nov)
Late Late: $950 and $600 on the day

Late entries = higher entry fees... No Discussions No Exceptions

Full fees refunded if you cancel anytime up to 6pm on December 7th 2007
After 6pm on December 7th 2007 you will receive a full credit for future use or future entry fees.

Class 1 - Two Wheel Drive Production
Class 2 - Two Wheel Drive Open
Class 3 - Four Wheel Drive Production
Class 4 - Four Wheel Drive Open
Class 5 - Moto Over 800cc
Class 6 - Moto Under 800cc
Class 7 - Historic (Drivers over 50)

$1,000 for 1st place in each of the Classes 1 - 6

$100 for 2nd $50 for 3rd $100 for fastest lap in each of Classes 1 - 6
Cups for 1, 2, 3 overall and 1st in each Class, plaques for all other 2nd & 3rd

Applications MUST be returned by Nov 30th

Sat Dec 8th 6 stages
Sat Dec 8th Scrutineer 6:00am to 8:00am
Sat Dec 8th FCO 9:00

Organizer: Des Donnelly

Track Location 25 minutes west of exit 21 of New York Thruway (and between Freehold and Greenville just off R32)

I reserve the right to modify the event depending upon the number of entries. All documents will be posted online within 48 hours. Payment and entry will be available online.

Des Donnelly
Cell 518-291-0777 6.00am to 6.00pm Only
Email: [email protected]

Ps: KRV is open for practice every day....
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I was supposed to mail our entry today but got caught up at work. We'll be there though. :)
Dont forget to bring your Polish bodyguard there :)

See you there.
You guys going to run?
awesome event! for a 'short' rally that's the most action ive seen at any event. the tree house was a killer spot to watch from. great place, i cant wait to go back. thanks a lot for having us. we'll be back in the spring for sure.

Congrats to Paul and Aaron for a job well done in FWD.

ill have a video up soon with some footage of the event (courtesy of Shaun from BoGebo.)
Thanks man, we just need to see some action pictures and videos now. There was a lot of cameras there where's stuff?

As for the event, it was awesome, great turnout. It was enough to make us want to do the whole series next year.

And, It looks like our old Sentra SE-R has a fresh paint scheme, and finished second in class! You'll get 'em next weekend!
Yup I remember looking at it and it looked real sharp.
Looking forward to the series for next year. Single day rally sprints (C1) are a nice option between rally-x and the current RA 3-day events. Any idea when the dates may be rolled out? We'd like to attend as many as we can schedule.
Yes and its nice and close too, plus this event was really well put together and they did a great job. We're looking forward in running the series next year. :)
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