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RE: JVL - you NEED this !---No, mine is far nicer!

And a better red, too-
Mine is a much better cage done to FIA spec and fitting like modern cars, mine's LHD with the homologated 2.2 turns rack, 4 bolt minilite wheels, and a really nasty 1965cc motor, much better done A arms tahn anybody else does, fully strengthened and stitch welded (and mines heavy 2015 lbs!! ugh!!), big radiator, big oil cooler, and most important to me, its the same car I built in 1985 and rallied in the last World Championship event in history that a Saab 96 was legal for, closing a 30 year chapter in rally history; and that was Olympus 1986.

But that is pretty, thanks for thinking of me.
A bit of welding on mine and I'm going to drag it out again.
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