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I'm hoping to enter my first full rally event this year. I'm looking for some help and suggestions. I've done three seasons of autocrossing with the NEPA region of the SCCA, ran the Duryea Hillclimb twice and rallycrossed at Roushcreek and once in New York.

I purchased Dean Fry's '90 Subaru Leagacy in 2003. It is AWD 2.2 liter and naturally aspirated. It isn't blazingly quick, but it does drive well and takes abuse.

I was planning to try the Rally New York in April as my first outing on a full blown rally. My car has an SCCA logbook, but the Rally New York is run under NASA. The car hasn't had a technical inspection from any group since 2003.

I would also like to run STPR this year if at all possible which is hosted by Rally America. I think that might be difficult since the rules with rookie drivers in production or G2 cars. Dean ran the car as open.

Who should I have do the cars annual tech? Would I be able to run the car at events hosted by Rally America?

I'm looking for some general advice here. I just want to start entering rallies and hope to finish.


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Wish I could help you, but I'm in Michigan.
NASA and RA have pretty much the same requirements.
The "Beginner" rule at RA has a good reason and I'm sure NASA will have to follow sooner or later.
Insurance policies will demand this.
I would say, post something on the NASA forum and see what happens.
Wilson will definitely help out as much as he can.
Also, people at RA will help you too.
I personally haven't dealt with NASA officials yet.

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>Who should I have do the cars annual tech? Would I be able to
>run the car at events hosted by Rally America?

Contact Mike Hurst at Rally America, to find out who the nearest Rally America scrutineer is. PMing Mike at http://www.rally-america.com/forums/ is a good way to reach him. John or Wilson can put you in touch with a NASA scrutineer.

Depending on how fast that car is, you may be able to qualify for an exemption to run it at STPR. There have been a number of threads on the Rally America forum in the last few days about the process to qualify for an exemption. But basically, contact JB Niday for the details.

See you at STPR!
- Christian

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Greg, The closest NASA tech guy is Mark Bowers in ,I think Va or maybe W. Va/., he can help you,JKS and team are probably busy now sorting out the window net issue over at nasaforums.com
I can get you Marks Email and or tele if you want to e me directly. I'm also in the proess of getting a local michigan NASA tech guy for the two events I'm doing here June 11 and Sept 10 2005 under the NASA insurance and sanction.

[email protected]

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HI Greg,

Since you are in Reading, there are several SCCA/RA and NASA tech inspectors closer to you than I. I live in the central Shenandoah Valley, in western VA. But you are welcome to contact me for any needs, and since I will be doing a lot of work in the Wash DC area soon, maybe we can meet there sometime if you still need tech help. Possibly the closest is ED Brennan (in eastern PA?) who you migth be able to contact throuhg the Rally Racing News site; Dean Fry can also tell you how to get in touch with Ed. There are a couple of NASA inspectors in the NYC area, including Ivan Orisek.

Since your car is SCCA logbooked, then you should comply with now-RA tech procedures and RA preparation rules. That does include annual tech for a car of the age of yours. (Note that NASA is not requiring annuals.) If you logbook a car with RA and meet the SCCA/RA requirements, than your car will be accepted at NASA events. I believe that the reverse is true for RA, but I think I will check with Mike Hurst on the RA forum before I make any definitive statements. All this criss-crossing of rules will be a pain, probably forever, but some of the differences (like restrictor sizes) seem to be resolving themsleves along common lines.

OBTW, I have would be cautious in accepting the statement made above that NASA will eventually require rookie classes. The RA move to have rookie classes is not driven by insurance to my knowledge, but by the arguably valid concerns over newcomers with no driving experinece hopping into high performance cars. I support the concept to a degree; I think its's the 'degree' which causes the arguments! I alos think that the reality of driving new ralliers away is causing some 're-evaluation' of how this is applied, as was mentioned above.

Regards, and let us know how to help,
Mark Bowers
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