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JONNY MILNER, Yorkshire UK, is on the current entry list and will apparently be piloting a 2001 Subaru WRX ! :7 For those out of the loop in Rally outside of the US of A, Mr. Milner is a world class talent that currently pilots an ex-Dider Auriol works Toyota Corolla WRC overseas. A matter of fact, he just finished 2nd overall in this past weekends Jim Clark Memorial Rally, which by the way saw D. Higgins finish 7th overall and 1st in GpN. Milner's rally exploits are well known in the UK ... in March he won the Malcolm Wilson Rally, in April he came in 2nd losing to M. Higgins in the Pirelli International Rally, in May he won the Rally of Wales topping D. Higgins, in June he took the top spot in the Tyneside Stages Rally as well as winning the RSAC Scottish Rally besting D. Higgins by close to 7 minutes. He is an outstanding and well-seasoned racer and will be definitely a favorite for a podium spot, especially since this years edition of the 2-day MFR will be under 10 stages and barely over 100 stage miles. I really do hope everything comes together and he shows up in Rumford. Too bad he will be in a 2001 WRX and not his Corolla or some other European rally monster x( And BTW, a news tidbit from the above mentioned Jim Clark Rally, Pat Richard finished 32nd and Vinny Frontian ended up in 34th ...(http://www.brcweb.co.uk/results/jcmr_02/1/overall/21.html)
And BTW2, that current MFR entry list is absolutely loaded with talent ... it is gonna be gooood :9

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