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Hi everybody,
Janusz Komorowski Jr. has been relesed from hospital in Kamloops.
They will travel back home to Calgary on Sunday.
Janusz will stay at home and start his pchisio therapy.
Doctors in Kamloops said that he will fully recover from his injuries, but it will be a long process.
If you were thinking of visiting him at hte hospital, or sending him a card, I'm very happy to tell you TO LATE.
You can do so on monday (visit him), or send card, e-mail to his home address.

Janusz jr. and all the Komorowski family would like to thank all of you for letters, cards, phone calls, and so much of the support.
It was great pleasure to see so much of it in this extremaly hard time. It proves that rally comunity is a great bunch of excellent frends, we are all one big family.

Thank you, and good luck in ralling. :D ;-) :)

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There is no question that Junior is being released form the hospital in a fraction of the time that was first thought.
There is a rumour that one of the reasons he is being released is that he kept on trying to start wheel chair races in the hospital ...

This kid's got fight !
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