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Pick-up the Jan. 2003 issue or Performance Racing News! It has 5 or 6 pages of rally coverage (in the newsprint "Canadian Performance News" section), including:

- latest event results from Canada & abroad

- profile of Andrew Comrie-Picard, philosopher, wine connoisseur, and rally driver extrordinaire ;-) (sorry, ACP I couldn't resist!)

- Review of 2002 Western Canadian Rally Championship by Keith Morison & Shawn Bishop (way to go guys)!

Great to see rally getting better press coverage here at home.

By the way, the latest issue of Inside Track Motorsport News also has some added rally coverage, with the promise of more to come in 2003. However, there's an opinion piece by their resident rally writer refering to some sort of exclusive press deal at Tall Pines. Seems that Inside Track wanted to sponsor the event but was kept out by some sort of "prior arrangement". What's that all about?

All the best this Christmas,

Bill Westhead
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