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Here's the 2009 MaxAttack! breakdown:

With 2 solid victories at his west coast qualifier and the central MaxAttack! Shootout event, your 2009 Jake Himes Cup winner is:

Lauchlin O'Sullivan

2009 MaxAttack! CoDriver Champion:

Karen Wagner

The cash went down like this:

-O'Sullivan/Wagner: $3,000.00 Dodge Neon SRT-4

-Duplessis/Woods: $2,500.00 VW GTI

-Knox/Wilburn/Headland: $2,400.00 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

-Wimpey/Wimpey: $1,200.00 VW GTI

-Bakchis/Bakchis: $1,000.00 Eagle Talon

-Eixenberger/Luikart: $1,000.00 VW GTI

-Crane/Darrow: $800.00 Honda CRX

-Sorensen/Clark: $800.00 Saab 99

-Zedril/Zedril: $800.00 Mitsubishi Lancer

-Holmes/Gallagher: $500.00 Ford F-150

-Healy/Johnson: $500.00 Datsun 260Z

-Bushore/DeMotte: $500.00 VW Jetta

The MaxAttack! Rookie CoDriver of the Year award presented by Alex Gelsomino went to:

Amy Bakchis

Congrats to ALL the teams who came out, drove at MaxAttack! and went home with a piece of the MaxAttack! Cash!


Event Coverage:

The NoCoast Productions videos of Idaho Rally and Ojibwe Forests Rally can be found on YouTube and Streetfire, or by just visiting us at www.max-attack.com

We were unable to do video coverage of New England Forest Rally, but complete notes about all the teams can be found here in the cyber-spectating thread on Specialstage: http://www.specialstage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37600

A great intro to MaxAttack! was also put up by Bill Wood, and is also available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nzCkQIKgH0&feature=related

Now...for the Max-A-Thanks!


ALL THE WORKERS AND FANS OF MAXATTACK! at the rallies, Ben Bradley, Shenandoah Bennet, Grant Hughes (and his entire band of video gypsies), Bob Olsen, Beryl Ann Burton, Jens and the Idaho Rally organization, Tim/Ted, and the NEFR organization, Karen/Kerry/Mark, and the Ojibwe Forests organization, NASA Rallysport, Rally America, Alex Gelsomino, Bill Wood, Lorne Trezise, Jerry Winker, Matt Himes, Dave Cizmas, Mike and Paula Gibeault, Al Kintigh, Andanda Siverts, Matt and Barney Bushore, Doug Shepherd, and everyone else who does what they do to make US rallies happen.

Most importantly... THANK YOU TO ALL THE MAXATTACKERS WHO ENTERED A ROUND OF THE SERIES THIS YEAR! I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This is YOUR series. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Continue to help make it what it CAN be!


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Thanks for all the work you and the other MaxAttack! organizers do to make this a successful series.

The Cheddarwagen will definitely be back for 2010, looking to improve our finishes once again.

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Best Rally Series in the US.

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I attended two MaxAttack! events this year, NEFR and Ojibwe.

I must say that I was really impressed by Eric's dedication to the series.

Man, he is everywhere at an event. At registration, scrutineering and parc expose making sure that all the 2WD cars have signed-up and are carrying MaxAttack! stickers. He is out on the stages (sometimes on his bike) and at service gathering information on the teams and posting reports on SS. At the finish, he somehow appears with these giant checks for the top five, fills out the names (he has excellent penmanship for a driver;)) on the checks and then proves to be the highlight of each awards presentation when he hands them out.

I am sure that he is doing another dozen things at each rally that we never see.

So, thanks Eric. Keep up the good work.

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Man, he is everywhere at an event.
Yeah, I'm running my own little personal TSD trying to make sure things are updated. Thanks for recognizing.

A friendly photographer helped me lay up the checks at the ski area before the finish of NEFR. At Ojibwe, Matt Himes and Dave Cizmas got the foam core and glued up the checks while I delivered the press notes from the last service to Grant at the hotel where he was feverishly updating the net AND editing video while everyone was having fun on the stages.

And if you think my schedule is hectic...Grant creates a complete TSD for his entire video crew in the week before the event. It shows in the productions.

Thanks again, Grant and team!

You may have also noticed that I got updates and tried to update the net on EVERY MaxAttack! team entered in the rally. If you give me nothing when I ask, I probly won't post something. But if you give me ANYTHING of interest, it'll get posted. Mike Gibeault, Al Kintigh, Beryl Ann Burton, and Mary Shiloff kept me awash in scores so we could better keep track of the stories as they developed.

Oh yeah...and thanks to the Rally America MC dude with the DC hat. Sorry I can't remember your name...I should. He let me take the mic at the Speedway and a woods spectator area to hype each of our MaxAttackers to the crowd as they went by with a little history about each team.

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when i finally get out on the stages i hope maxattak! is still around. it is indeed the best series around!

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What we need right now is a salesperson and a media liason. We need to get the word out to corporate entities about who we can reach on behalf of their company. I firmly believe that at our price point (a point that will ensure steady growth), a fair number of companies would find it an excellent value.

I'm not much of a salesman. If you have the knack, let me know.

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I'm not much of a salesman.
Says the man with one of the longest running contemporary sponsorship relationships with an automobile manufacturer. :D

Me thinks thou doest protest too much! ;)

Oh, and fantastic job this year to Eric and everyone who was involved with the Max Attack effort.

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Everyone who placed in a top 5 position at Max Attack! should be petitioning potential sponsors. I bet Eric, who is inarguably the most successful privateer we've seen in the US ever, would be more than willing to give any competitors feedback.

Go to Craigslist in your area and search for juniors/seniors at your local colleges and universities that want to build their portfolio. Look for graphic designers, marketing majors, website developers, etc to help you do so.

Build a reasonable budget that will maximize exposure. Be reasonable at this stage. Eric was getting support for the Protege long before he built the 3. You don't need a new Toterhome and a semi truck to get between events. Look how long Rockstar chose to stay involved at what I've heard was $1 million a year. Build the relationship slowly. Figure out what you're willing to spend out of pocket, what you want to do for events, and then determine how much you need to run your planned events. Don't be afraid of Pike's Peak. That event has proven and measurable exposure and most automotive types know what it is. One certain Subaru driver publicly said that Pike's Peak's involvement in the RA National Championship got him the funding for the rest of the year.
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