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Here's a interesting forum entry from a country with 17,300 rally licence holders with only 8.3 million population.
I'll do translations in parentheses.

I thought this might be interesting in light of the continued, unabated attempt to craft rules obviously intended to drive all privateers out of the National Championship Rally series amusingly, or ironically called "Pro".
The lastest nail in the coffin of any privateer dreaming of making a mark in the Series is the pointless escalation which would be brought on if sequential gearboxes and 34mm restrictors were to be introduced.
Bear in mind that these "Proposals" have nearly always been introduced in exactly the form they end up being written.

Have any of the gentle readers of this forum been agitating to the PRB or the PRDood to allow the one and mandate the other?

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Nya regler i Grupp E?!2002-09-25 23:51:49
(New regulations in Group E? !)
Det går vilda rykten just nu om att grupp E kommer att ytterligare
inskränkas med en mängd nya fåniga regler vid årsskiftet.

(There's going wild rumors just now that group E (their P class) is coming to be further stifled with a mass of new silly rules at the new year.)

obligatoriskt baksäte, m.m. Med detta i åtanke är det väl kanske lika bra
att helt lägga ner grupp E, tvinga alla nybörjare att köra VOC och
förbjuda alla andra bilmärken!

(Homologation, obligatory backseat, much more. With this in mind it's just as well to retire Group E, force all beginners to drive VOC (Volvo Original Cup) and forbid all other Car marques!)

Varför ägnar SBF så mycket tid och kraft att totalkvadda grupp E? SBF ser
genom medveten styrning till att hela tiden komma med nya pålagor och
nonsensregler som inte har ett dugg med säkerhet att göra. Vad man verkar
vilja är att snart ingen vanlig människa ska ha råd, ork, tid eller lust
att ställa upp i klassen.

(Why does SBF (SvenskaBilsportFörbundet, their National sactioning body) give so much time and energy to the whole time come with plagues and nonsense regulations that don't have a thing with safety to do. Vad it seems is soon no normal person shall have money, energy, time or desire to place themself in the class.)

Det jag tror, är att det antagligen sitter ett gäng pappersvändande
halvfigurer med mindervärdeskomplex i styrelsen för SBF, som hittar på en
massa skit bara för att vi minsann inte ska glömma att dom finns!

(This is what I believe that there is probably sitting a gang paperwaving half figures with inferiority complex in the leadership of SBF who find a mass of "skit" just so we should be reminded not to forget they they exsist.)

I Finland går det till på helt annat sätt, och vi ser resultatet: Medan
Svenska förare (2st.) kämpar för att nå topp 10 i WRC, slåss Mäkinen,
Grönholm, Tohino, Kankkonen och Rovanperä om förstaplatsen.

(In Finland it goes on a wholly different way and we see the result: While Swedish Drivers (2 of them) fight to reach the top 10 in the WRC, there's fighting Mäkinen, Grönholm, Kankunen, and Rovanpera for first place.)

Glöm inte att grupp E är ett insteg i sporten för unga talanger!
(Don't forget that Group E is one entrance to the sport for young talents.)

Arg Rallyenthusiast.
(Angry Rallenthusiast)


On the same forum they have a series of letters from guys in their Veteran Class who are left out to dry by a new series a Riksmästerskap
(one step below a NationalChampionship) for pre 66 cars only. Veteran class there is 67 thru 74. they're pisssed off.

What I want to know is where does the semingly universal impulse to meddle come from among those who don't compete and whose job it would seem would be to be administrative. Not Legislative.

So who wants sequential boxes?

And why should one class or sort of car, essentially one race among a bunch of cars somewhat similar in prep, be saddled with restrictions by some dubious reference to another class, essentially another separate race.

Put another way: If I wanted to decend into a morass of rules and regulations and potential stooopid snivelly protests among the blind leading (and protesting) the blind, I would build a GpA car.

I choose not to.
Why should I be made to do things because of what somebody else chose to hang themselves with?

By this sort of logic(?) we should all be forced to ballast up and restrict down all cars till they were on par with the slowest GpN 1300.

Come on fellow Rallistas y Rallistos, I'm pretty slow in the head understanding things like the age rule (gee, is it going to be 8 years old cars soon?) and the PGT 32mm restrictor and now this 34mm for what was once Open, so help me out, and 'splain it to me pobre demi-****** that I am.

Is there a groundswell of restrictor compulsion mania I have missed?
Are there so many just waiting for the rule change to run out and get a sequential box?

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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GOD SAVE THE PRIVATEER!!!! I'm glad I got to road race bikes in the streets of Europe when "a man with a van and a plan" could line up with the BIG boys and race!! And do good. Another place in time, I would say? And I did good, I can say. Hope that time is not lost???


"To the gravel" or snow today I would say.

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You have been around long enough to know that a "Factory Team" has approched Topeka on the gear box issue and has either flexed percieved muscle or dangled a carrot. Of course you know that those silly Wrabbits In the office can't resist either method. So now how do you think the whole subject came up? Another case of the have and the have nots. Viva Le Revolution.

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If a FACTORY team wants use a sequential box in their car, then they must be required to homologate the car with a sequential box. If they want a "heavy-duty" gearbox, they can homologate the car with with a "heavy-duty" gearbox. :eek:

So the bloody fatherless children at Fuji Heavy can't put a stinking decent gearbox in the car off the production line, and they want people to think its a stinking racecar? x(

I say let the have their sequential shifting, but make 'em keep their stock gearsets!}>

John, the Open class turbocharged four-bangers have a decisive advantage over everyone else. I don't mind the idea of restictors on turbos (except my G5 242, of course!), as long as there are still no restictors on un-blown open class engines. I'm still hoping to see an aluminum-block Hemi Neon AWD whoop up on the Mitsuburus and Sububishis that are so popular with the kids these days.:7
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