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I didn't respond to the thread regarding the Iron Mountain as I didn't clue into the fact that that was a reference to the Tall Pines. Their is no Iron Mountain - never has been one at the Rally of the Tall Pines.

Regarding the Iron Bridge and the impact on the route at the Tall Pines, here?s the scoop:

The actual bridge was condemned in the spring of 2003 because it is old and rusting away. All agree that the bridge should be replaced but getting the work done before the Tall Pines weekend was not possible, despite all the efforts made by the local authorities. The York River, which the Iron Bridge crosses, is considered a navigate able waterway and as such any bridge work requires approval from the Federal Department of Oceans and Fisheries. This was just one of the hurdles that delayed this project. From the best information available today, it appears the Bridge will be replaced early in 2004 and should be part of the Tall Pines again for years to come!

Now, when we received word that the Bridge was not going to be available for 2003, we had to alter our plans for the rally. This included finding a new area for our estimated 10,000 spectators. This is no easy task. You have to consider accessibility, parking, locations for concession stands, emergency vehicle access and whenever possible try to keep the throngs of spectator safe from you crazy drivers. Our dedicated team came up with a solution that I believe will be just as good as what we had. And the best news is that it only cuts about 500m out of the route. The Possum Bourne Spectator Stage is slightly shorter than the Iron Bridge Spectator stages used in previous editions of the Pines. Obviously, the bridge and the 3 corners above it have not been used. However, the big jump, the very slippy deceptive left, the little paved section past the houses and the narrow twisty Old Detlor road is all included! Just to keep you on your toes and give you something new, we are running the entire stage southbound this year. If it was your favourite before, it will still be your favourite!

But before you even get to the Possum Bourne Spectator Stage we?ve got some real gems to throw at you! A couple of stages that have never been run before. I would suggest that one if not both of these would be finalists in the ?Best stage in Canada? contest (aside: now that is an interesting topic for discussion).

I?m not going to say any more ? you?ll have to wait till November 22 to see if you agree.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Bancroft.

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