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Every time I visit the SpecialStage forum I get a popup warning from my AVG virus scanner as follows:

Threat: Exploit Invisible IFrame Injection (type 1707)

The AVG website explains it like this:

What is Invisible IFrame Injection?

An Invisible IFrame Injection happens when an unwanted and hidden third party page is inserted into a webpage by an attacker. To hide the injection, hackers make the style of the IFrames invisible. As most malware, an Invisible IFrame Injection exploits vulnerabilities in the system and browsers of the visitors of the website and force adware, phishing programs or any other type of fraudulent software to be installed on their device.

In the comments posted on this page plenty of webmasters are complaining that they've been unfairly targeted by AVG. There are instructions on how to validate whether the threat is legitimate or how to get your pages removed from the threat list.


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Is there any other information that comes up with these warnings? We need the url of what is triggering the warnings to get it removed from the forum. Are there specific sections of the forum that set it off?

- dm, community support
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