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I have now been informed by another source that some of this information was not accurate x( I have decided to remove what I thought was information. Sorry.

So much for my information... my thoughts remain the same


My thoughts:

If you can make it to STPR to help, DO IT. For most of us on the West coast, that's not really possible.

Don't spectate, WORK! Spectator control is going to be a big need in all future rallies. If you are going to be hearded into a pectating pen, might as well be wearing a vest. Imagine the insurance company showing up at a spectator area and seeing every spectator with his/her own personal safety representitive! Ok, maybe that's a little much, maybe not...

I think now is the time to show why we consider ourselves a "Family" and pull together in a way the SCCA board of directors and the insurance company could never have imagined.
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