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This came across the http://coloradorally.org mailing list this morning from a member that lives very close to PP.

"I just got back from the Top of Pikes Peak. The road has gotten rain the
last few days and is in record shape.
The crews have been grading and filling a bunch of the road. All the old
Pennzsupress that was layed down a few years ago and was so deteriated
has been removed. The area that was so chewed up between the ski area
and Glen Cove is smooth.

Also Cove Creek, where so many cars spun, has been completely reworked.

The aspalt is aspalt (oh well) but shows signs of recent testing. The
lower section below the dam has some loose gravel runoff.
If the race were this weekend records would fall!!!

In a aside, Robbie Unser is running in the Pikes Peak Open Division with
a Jap Impreza that was sitting at Heuberger Motors in the Springs. Cool Car."

He is an "interesting" guy, but the information might prove valuable to guys still making preparations.
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