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Looking to get into the sport (at the club level) but don't really know where to look for information on a starter car -perhaps MKII VW?

Finding a prepared car has got to be less expensive than building, but I haven't seen any listed inexpensively lately.

Any pointers?

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Yes,.. normally buying a prepared vehicle is less expensive.
The problem is that everyone is either looking for a AWD turbo, or wants one.
One can find a bargain now and then. If you decide to build be aware of the expense and time you invest.
VW II or III, Ford Escort/ if you're looking into FWD, are affordable vehicles.
Myself,.. I'm building a Super 1600 at this time.

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If you want to rally inexpensively, buy Colin McRae 2.0 and a computer. :)

Ok serious, check Ben's and SS forsale. Something will pop up. A couple of nice G2 cars for sale in Canada at the moment. $5-$10k should get you a well built G2 car. Any less, and you'll spend the difference getting the car up to snuff (usually, sometimes you get a deal).

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