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The new cold air intake system by Takeda will provide you with that amount of fresh air that could make a real big bang in your vehicle's engine. Custom designed for your specific model year, equipped with special high flow, oil-free, conical 360 degree Pro DRY S air filter, this system is created to let tons of fresh air in for maximum combustion. The result, as you may guess, is the increased flow of cooler air, that enables the engine to make more horsepower and torque, which means a fast drive and lots of fun for you.

Takeda® - Attack Cold Air Intake System

* Pro DRY S has an excellent 99.2% filtration efficiency rating;
* Mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube in polished clear-coat or wrinkle black finish;
* This system comes with everything required for the successful installation included;
* Backed by a 2-year limited warranty;
* + 4 to 7 HP extra;
* Find more information about Takeda here.

Does anybody on the forum have one? What do you think about this intake?

Leave your inquiries in the comments below or in PM, don't forget to include your zip and email!
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