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Hey everyone -

I saw that there are some posts about the Maxxis R19 tire, so I wanted to give my impressions as well. I've had the great opportunity to be sponsored by Maxxis this year and have run their tires at most of the gravel events on the 2014 Rally-America Calendar [Oregon, STPR, NEFR, Ojibwe]. Overall, the Maxxis R19 tire has been a very reliable gravel tire for us and after 4 National events we've had no tire failures (although I did break a rim at Ojibwe - unrelated to the tire). In addition to the reliability, I've found that the R19 has great lateral grip and it really helps to improve my driving confidence to carry more speed through the corners - which is a huge benefit for anyone who is running in low powered rally car!!

Also, Maxxis has been very supportive in giving us good cut patterns to try for wet / mud conditions. I tried them at the Oregon Rally this year and it really gave me a lot of confidence even in the muddy forest stages of day 3. One of the other benefits I've noticed over Michelin or DMack tires is the ease of mounting. We use a combination of OEM / Enkei wheels, and the Maxxis R19 tire is by far the easiest tire to mount / dismount. I've made a more detailed summary of my impressions from earlier this year, and I'd be glad to send it to anyone who is interested in seeing more about this tire.

So far, I've run their Soft compound tires, and even in the hot summer events we've had no problem with tread block separation or excessive wear! Overall, we've been thrilled with the performance of the Maxxis R19 tire. Its combination of Reliability, Grip, Ease of use, and cost performance really make it a welcome addition to Rally in the states. Besides the fact that Maxxis has been so supportive of us for any technical questions we've had - easily its the best tire for anyone looking to improve their performance!

James Robinson [B-Spec Honda Fit Driver]
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