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Checklist for Registration:

You must have the originals for the following items with you:

Drivers license for driver
Drivers license for codriver
FIA International Competition Licenses for driver and codriver (required for RSNA Entries Only)
USAC Temporary Rally Licenses* for driver and codriver or FIA International Competition Licenses (required for all competitors)
California Rally Series Membership Card for drivers and co-driver (required for those competition for CRS points)
Service Crew Form (pdf)

Insurance declarations for competing vehicle with Liability Limits of 100/200/50
Insurance declarations for all service vehicles
Registration documents for competing vehicle
Registration documents for all service vehicles

If you are not the owner of the competing vehicle You must provide a letter of permission with the notarized signature of the vehicle's owner. You will not be allowed to compete without this letter of permission.

* USAC Temporary Licenses, good for this event only, will be available at registration for $25 per competitor The USAC license holders are covered by the USAC member's accident coverage that includes $15,000 AD&D, $5,000 Primary Medical, $100,000 Excess Medical, and $140.00 X 104 Weeks Weekly Indemnity. Optional USAC Temporary Licenses are also available for service crews or other members.

To do at registration:

The driver and codriver must sign the insurance waiver and receive wristbands
Pick up any decals and numbers and Supplemental Regulations needed to compete
Complete Technical Inspection
Pick up your Route Book
Each member of the crew must sign an insurance waiver at Registration
Everyone working in the Services Areas must sign an event waiver, INCLUDING MINORS

Please make sure that you have all the above documents with you when you come in for Registration. Should you have any questions please let us know this week!!!!

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Now I have to get an FIA license too. Only cost twice as much as the regular "Rallye License".

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