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Hey everyone, first post here! I've done some rallying, some rallycross and a bunch of track racing, but I'm now planning a big rally, which will be a fundraiser for a national charity. The rally won't be for about a year and a half, but since I'm pretty new to organizing such an event, I'm planning on organizing a smaller one for some friends and local gearheads just to work out all the kinks. So I'm basically running two events, a test run to get some experience, hopefully in the next couple of months, then an event on a much larger scale later on.

The major event is planned to be a long-distance rally, perhaps 3000 miles and spanning a week or so. It will take place on public roads and I'm trying to figure out what the best format would be. This how we envision the event:

- An aspect of competition, but more of an emphasis on fun and the driving experience than a strict competition.
- Relatively easy to run without a massive amount of manpower. We're not going to have the number of bodies or the resources to set up the amount of check points needed to run a TSD over this long of a distance.
- Between 20 and 50 cars
- We were thinking of different classes such as Vintage, Crapcans (think Chumpcar/Lemons but for rally) and everything else. The route will be long and harsh and will test reliability.
- Probably 40% gravel, 40% paved back roads, 20% highway.

As I mentioned, we probably wouldn't have the manpower to run a TSD unless there were very few checkpoints. We thought of possibly combining a TSD with only one checkpoint at the end of day, but mixing some gimmicks in along the way. For example, they'd need to take photos of their car in front of certain landmarks that they'd need to find along the way, just to ensure they stayed on course.

Any other ideas?

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That sounds interesting, and similar to something I'm considering. Let's talk offline to compare notes and see if we can help each other out. I believe you're located on the west coast, and I'm on the east, so perhaps email is best? [email protected]
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