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Hey everyone! I have really enjoyed the forums so far and I have learned a ton. Maybe I missed some opinons or posts about this but thought I would ask anyway.

I have to build my own car because the scene in Idaho is somewhat slim and from what I have found from looking around no-one is selling a rally ready car. Here is my idea of how I should approach this season, let me know what you think.

Car: FWD Mk2 VW or Neon. Add cage my self with the help of my friend who is a metal fabricator. Throughout the winter add suspension, seats, harnesses, helmets, maybe a HANS, weld holes and seams, skid plate, gas tank guard, and buy flattest brimmed hat :cool:. Probably add after-market air intake, but whats important to me is making sure my car will pass Tech and get logbooked. Making sure the car is ready for one event is my biggest priority. I don't care if I'm last or 8th I just want to drive

Stay Warm and thanks for all the help and advice, I really do appreciate all feedback and criticism.


After talking to some people I really was overthinking to much. Hope to see everyone at the rally June 9th here in Idaho!
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