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SS2 is Medow Creek West (going out from the turnaround)
Hi-Res WMV 70MB - http://rallynotes.com/vids/rallynotes.com_Idaho2008_SS2.wmv

SS3 is Medow Creek East (going in)
Hi-Res WMV 70MB - http://rallynotes.com/vids/rallynotes.com_Idaho2008_SS3.wmv

Medow Creek East is slightly fast in the beginning and then climbs uphill with lots of twisty turns until you finally get to a right uphill hairpin. Here the going gets tough and you climb the rest of the stage until the crest over cattle guard at the top. Downhill now, 4's and 5's heading into the end which is a series of semi-long straights (150 - 200) into finish.

Medow Creek West is the opposite - fast and semi-long in the beginning. Over the top of the hill and into a steep twisty downhill. It was hard to keep the car pointed and our speed up as we moved through the 3's 2's and hairpins.

YouTube Channel

Hi-Res WMV of all rallynotes in-car can be found here:

- Kris
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