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I want to thank everyone for a great year

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What a great year its been, the ups and downs
It the start of the year we sat down with Chad DiMarco(coach, friend and mentor) to discuss our year, our goal was the open Champianship and win at least 1 Pro rally, boy our year was way better than expected, We should have won Rim, we won the most important event in the world to me, Pikes Peak Yeah!!
by now we were in a great points position to chase down the Overall Champianship, it was not to be but I want to thank Pat R for pushing me beyond where I thought I could drive, Pat R you deseved your champianship, you simply out classed everyone
Winning Cog was great, On the second day I finally started pushing the Evo and driving like it was built for :) great fun
I did way better than I had ever dreamed, what I do next year is up in the Air
I will help Rally America as much as possible, we all need to, I hope to do at least 1 WRC event
I need to thank the Yellow shirts whom have given me hell all year!!
Doug, Sue Dan, Curtis, I consider you all family and hope we all stay in contact
Dennis my Team manage, you rock, without your support Guidance, and ability to get sponsers it would have been a short year
Chad from Subesports, if I didn,t come home with 10 points I had to talk to the hand:) Nick Korpal, our trucking sponser , mate without you we could have not done any of this
John Dillon, mate you rock, I only got you sick once, thanks for it all
Lisa, Man what a find, you are the best, you support me, did notes for Pikes Peak, helped and have been there for me in times of need, HUGE thank you, watch out guys, she is a very good rally driver I am training, www.rallyestar.com
Also Rhyce Millen Racing, man you prep a great car, only 1 DNF, driver induced, Frank our crew chief, he is one english [email protected]#$T, But you know your job and your prep is the best I have ever seen, he might whine and complain but Frank tryly cares about my safety
thanks EVERY ONE, lets help rallying grow
Leon Styles aka Mad Kiwi
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