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all of the sudden, up was down
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Well, the results are official and I just finished unpacking from OTR. Time to update ProPicks!

An interesting entry list and some attrition made picks rather difficult this time around. Regional proved to be wildly difficult with some surprise podium finishers. Out of a possible 30 regional points, the maximum score was only 13!

In the Overall category, four people got it perfect: Ian Seppanen,
Carl Seidel, Cameron Steely, and Corey Salsbery.

SPGT was a tough one and the four-way tie for first only got each player 8 points (Michael Fennell, Rebecca Ruston, Geoff Zarzecki, and Corey Salsbery)

2WD was an appropriate 2-way tie between Jim Draheim and Blake Lind, both with 9 points.

Regional was split three ways between Troy Schade, Paul Jaeger, and Corey Salsbery, all receiving a hard-earned 13.

So, your Oregon Trail 2014 winner is.... Corey Salsbery with a two point gap to second.

The 2014 season standings are tight! Blake Lind is winning 2WD, SPGT, and the Overall category. David Weiman and Doug Woods are tied at the top of the Regional Bonus. Blake and David are currently tied for the championship with a 1 point lead.

STPR is less than 20 days away. Time to start thinking about your strategy, pickers. We only had 38 of our eligible 125 players participate in Oregon picking. Tell your friends to get involved!

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