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Two ways that we promote rally in Texas.

1. The Parc Expose for the Rallyes de Paris are held in a very visible parking lot (Home Depot). Sponsors and supporters are invited to bring vehicles to display, i.e. the Texas Army National Guard brings a Hummer and sets up a booth. Bobby Archer sent a sales truck and booth one year. The Red Cross sets up an ambulance. Next event we are inviting the antique car club. And this was all advertised on a flyer handed out at the Home Depot for a week before the event. (Thanks for the idea Eric). Rim and Ojibwe Forests have similar exposes.

2. We personally take our rally car to as many car shows as possible. We went to the Cops and Rodders show in Paris 2 weeks ago. Last weekend we were at Bobby Archer's Race Day show at his shop. In a couple of weeks, we will be at a local high school which just has a people's choice type of award. We take pictures of the car at these events and e-mail them to people who have helped us in the past and whose logos are on the car. And we get the occasional trophy. :)

Promotion is not getting on TV with your sponsors logo. Promotion is getting your sponsors logo noticed. Not that getting on TV hurts mind you, but even NASCAR will be seen on TV by only the people who watch NASCAR. The UPS commercials on the other hand show up all across TV.
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