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Off Subject a bit, but Franko makes a good point. One of the sticking points of adding notes to the championship is the extra time and cost involved. But if we factor in that the result of those notes may be safer running with less damage, does it really cost more to run notes in the end?? At CT '01 we nailed a hidden rock on stage 3 that sent my Eclipse down a mountainside. Did $3k worth a damage, plus we spent all the money going there, entry fee, hotels, etc... and only got run a few miles. If I had done the recce, I probably would have not hit the rock, but I "couldn't afford" the recce. Hmm, for 3 grand I could have missed a few extra days work and bought lots of hotel rooms and beer.

OF course,if we are all worried about car damage, we could all just run blind rallies at 7/10. But doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose?

Just something to think about.

Dennis Martin
[email protected]
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