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Treeline 2006 is pleased to announce a class for Historic cars.This class will run alongside existing Rally America classes, not instead of,and will not require competitors to change anything to qualify.
Open to any 2wd, normally aspirated vehicle 1985 or older, an additional $35 entry will enable competitors to compete in their regular class PLUS the Historic class. The $35 entry will feature
100% payback to finishing competitors. If you finish,you are guaranteed to get a cash prize based on the numbers of entries.
If you are interested,let Carolyn Reed know when you enter the event.If you have questions,please feel free to contact me.
Pat McMahon @ [email protected] or 562.860.9861

Pat McMahon
Clerk of the Course
Treeline Rally 2006

Please do note that the cars must have current log books and pass
scrutineering in a "normal" Rally America class (most notably in
terms of safety equipment, most notably of this in terms of their
safety cage), these details are all detailed in Article 11.

Denise McMahon
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