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Remember the hard left that had a GIANT hole inside. This is THAT corner now. Smoove** :p

HDT wants to thank the outstanding services of Paula Gibeault and Chuck Griffin for the grading!

This was the really narrow corner in the south end (the boot) now nice and wide.

Some work on the bumpy 'riverbed' corners - now wide and smooth.

Here's the new sweeper which will REPLACE the 'hairpin in the wash'.

A bit of a disclaimer and a little more on the conditions: As a competitor myself I don't want you to be misled as to the surface and condition of the High Desert Trails stages. **These stages did not become 'Idaho' yesterday. :p

There are nice hard-packed fast sections. There are sandy soft sections that rocks will pop out of. There are tricky tight areas that are a blast to drive on. There are sandy areas that you're going to have to use your skill to get through. There is a pretty decent straight away that you're going to want to do 90MPH on. We have mitigated the trouble spot hairpin(s) that used to be directly in the bottom of the wash - BUT - these stages are still a good challenge and a lot of fun!

We're going to have a blast! Please join us!

- Kris
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