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Hello All,

Before you look at the link below, I ask you to read the below message and please spread the word.

I am a film production student at California State University Northridge and am currently budgeting out a senior film. We are planning to shoot next fall, probably in November.

I am new to the rally community and am struck by the tightly knit - yet welcoming nature of everyone I have come in contact with so far. The family aspect of rally racing is what I am most interested in.

My story is about two brothers who mend their tattered relationship through the world of rally racing.

In order to make this happen, I need a car for our production. If you or anyone you know, has an older car, and would be willing to let us use it in our production I would be truly thankful.

I have written the script around a 1976 Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk2… We are open to many other cars, pretty much anything from the 70’s or 80’s.

Our aim is not to put your car in danger. Most of the shoot is just the brothers “working” on the car, as it sits in a beat up old barn. The biggest stunt we have is when the car drives out of the barn and off the property. We are open to the idea that you would be the one performing this stunt… We do need to look into the legality of doing something like this with the insurance that the school has provided us.

We would provide you with food and gas and are looking into getting you a place to stay while we are shooting.

We will most likely be shooting within the 30 mile zone within Los Angeles.

Let me know if you are interested, or know someone who may be… We will get some great footage of your car. Our aim is to tell a great story and promote the sport of Rally Racing to the general public.

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoy the pictures from HDT, they can be found at the link below…


I will send you full resolution versions of the pictures if you want… I can also send you the script if you would like to read it... Just shoot me an e-mail…

Cutler Gray
(425) 785 – 4762
[email protected]
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