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HID headlights are considered by many to be the future of the automotive lighting. The lifespan of HID Xenon headlights is up to three times as long as that of halogen bulbs. As a result, less car maintenance is required.

They also produce a whiter, more natural light than halogen-powered headlights which emit a yellowish glare. This guarantees a safer, more stress-free ride in dark driving conditions.

Xenon headlights don’t blind the driver in front as much as halogen bulbs. USA Today reported that being blinded by the vehicle traveling behind you at night has become a significant issue for drivers and one of the leading causes for deadly accidents.

Xenon HID headlights require 25-30% less energy use and have been proven to extend the lifetime of car batteries, saving money in the process.

HID headlights were originally limited to luxury vehicles and have since become much more affordable. By upgrading to HID, you will give your car a more sophisticated look.

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