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Been away for a while due to work commitments - trying to make more dosh to spend on the car of course. It's starting to lighten up so I'm getting back to the garage and these boards when time permits. Just thought I'd take a sec to say 'Hi'.

I'm glad to see the revised historic rules proposals are finally getting some attention from the PRB. I'm with you in spirit even my replica doesn't quite qualify. (Don't they let the replica AC Cobras play in one of the roundy-round classes though?) Latest news on the Stratos is that the wiring diagram is all finished & everything we need to make it is either in hand or on order. I got it as close to the original as possible including translating the fuse order from a Stradale owners manual. Did you know that the works cars used the same fuse block assembly as the Scorpion / Montecarlo? Dad & I hope to get the gauges mounted and start wiring the dash this weekend - should be fun.

Anybody else making progress on their cars lately?


John B.
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