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Here's a fun story for you.
A friend who has been service crew for "Crazy" Eric Eaton was motoring around fairly "briskly" while spectating at Wild Waste and got passed around a blind corner by "some fool" going even more over the limit, so when he arrives at the destination he walks over to maybe say hello, and who do you think it was?

I'll give you a hint: his name comes from the same old country as yours, and while yours has no ironic undertones, his sure as hell does.

wanna guess?

I wonder if I missed a scene similar to the scene in the epic classic movie "Blazing Saddles" where the black sherriff has ridden into town, the town sees he's black and they all pull their guns out and aim at him so HE pulls out his own gun and holds it to his own head and shouts " Nobody move! or the N.... gets it!"
And slowly backs away.

"who guards the guardians?"

John Vanlandingam
Seattle, WA. 98168

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leading by example

Well I am the person John V was talking about. I was at the rally,
actually on my way to get somthing to eat. I was motoring down the
road at a speed of 50mph in a 45mph zone. I was passed in a double
yellow by a red Ford Escape, the passanger even waved to me, and a silver domestic car i think it was a new Malibu. Aproximately one eigth of a mile ahead were two more cars, the pair overtook both the other cars. This was at least in a passing zone, but well over the posted 45mph limit. Approximately one mile further there was a
very well rolled wrx. That had just been towed out of the woods. Both
of the cars that passed me were parked so I stopped to check it out. I had my camera so I even took some pictures. When I get them developed I am sure MR. Spitzner will be in the background. I also had two other friends in the car with me. John V. approched me twice that day and once the next about bringing that up, I did not feel it was my business. Then today I read some of what went on, and has been going on. I thought somthing should be put on the record. I do not know Randy Zimmer but if you need anything get ahold of me.

Is this the way to set an example on a transit? Will Kurt get a fine, how about an exclusion from the next rally? I doubt it. But things are not healthy with rally and it makes me question weither I want to be involved. After all is fair and consistant judgement too much to ask for???? If there are different rules for FACTORY and privateer teams I guess I need to read up on that.


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conduct unbecomming an offical

yes, kurt was in one of the cars. there was three people in the two
cars. Regardless of wether he was driving or not, by speeding
ect. he was involved. Well, to find out for sure he will have to
answer...... do you think he will? He was in the Excape.

By their own mesure, perception is reality.

thanks for the space

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hypocritical conduct

"I also had two other friends in the car with me. John V. approched me twice that day and once the next about bringing that up, I did not feel it was my business. "
Thanks for coming forward and telling your story, it made my day.
Now if I could find out who condoned the transit behavior of a car ahead of us at Oregon Trails that left rubber and ruts at every corner...
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