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Hi JohnV-
What's up with the rotisserie? My car is stripped out and I want to get started. It's already April! And to all you other XR4Ti comrads, are we waiting until the April 27th meeting of the CCCP to organize preping shells? Or if you own an XR and are planning to prepare it for rally this year,and you live in the great NorthWest write me at [email protected], so we can get things organized. I need lead time because I'm coming from Spokane.

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HI scott, and fellow travellers in the Inland Empire!
Got a phone call from the trucking company at 8.05 this morning, so it's here.
So Scott, Jason, Billy, Miller, John Street, and Vance Walker, all you guys better get together and start planning what you are going to do. Good weather is here, get cracking.

A public thanks goes to Andrew 'Lefty' Steere for being a good boy and sending my nice car stands out promtly when I asked for them.

¤¤¤¤Maybe the other XRistas who got to use the stands for prepping their shells ccould sorta pitch in like 75 or 80 buckskis to Andrew to help cover the freight costs.Tavarich Chris S? probationary Comrade Dan F? You can send Andrew a PM under Fiasco, or see him at your next local CCCP (Crazy Car Crashing People) meeting.

Youse west coast guys let do a short date like this weekend at Central Committee Headquarters, for beer and planning XR and CCCP first meeting stuff.

John Vanladingham
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