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Hi all,

Forgive me if I sound like I don't really know what I'm talking about because I don't haha. I don't have much experience with audio or electronics in general but I have become our rally team's de facto media expert because I have some video editing experience.

I'm trying to record audio from our Peltor FMT200 to the GoPro hero 3 we have mounted in the car. I found in the Peltor manual that the aux (line out) level is "about 775 mV", however I cannot find what level the camera is looking for.

I tried just plugging into the aux out port and into the camera with the GoPro combo cable but I get silence on the video.

We have a week to get this sorted out before we leave for Sno Drift so any help is much appreciated.


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The level from the peltor is probably too low, and you may need a little audio amplifier to bump it up a bit .... I may know someone who can tell you a bit more .... I am checking to see if he is still around the rally world ...

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The line out of the FMT200 is a "line voltage" output, so you don't need a amplifier to boost the audio (some intercoms you do). So the problem is most likely not with the intercom. I don't have experience with the Hero3 but I am willing to bet its something to do with its settings or cable. Do a search for recording audio on the Hero 3. good luck.

And yep, I am still around. :p just dont come to forums...ever anymore.
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