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Dear Rally Friends and Family:

For as long as we have been involved, the Gorman Ridge Rally has always echoed the underlying sensibilities of the California Rally Series – Rally Family First.

Whether as a spectator, a volunteer, a worker, or a competitor, all are welcomed, all are appreciated, and the welfare of each has always been forefront in our minds. A smaller regional event, Gorman has weathered numerous changes in the sport, but we've been there for 26 years supporting everyone from fun-running locals to those who've gone on to national and WRC success.

For the uninitiated, rally is an amazing sport. As a competitor, it is one of the few venues where everyone runs on the same road only minutes apart. Millionaires and neurosurgeons run with pipefitters and infantrymen and the results aren't determined by cubic dollars. But the best thing about it is when these competitors are gathered together in service or lined up on the podium, often the only thing that differentiates them is the color scheme of their driving suits.

This past weekend, the Gorman Ridge Rally had its first major setback in more than two decades. While our egos are bruised, our hearts are broken over the unfortunate destruction of car #51 due a fire, after becoming high-centered on a berm. (The crew is safe).

#51 was an Open Class Subaru STi driven by John Trucks, a fervent supporter of the CRS in both stage rally and rally cross. Also a prominent member of a group of racer friends who call themselves the Rally Kings, he regularly made sure someone from his team competed at every series event.

For the Mendocino Rally in July, 2014, John loaned his car to another competitor for the race. Unfortunately, the car was damaged in an “off”, but the group thrashed to get it put back together so that he could drive it to victory just a few weeks later at Gorman. A month before our event this year, John went so far as to remove the suspension and loan it to another competitor, who wasn't even a Rally King (#707 David Ault). This loan allowed Ault to finish preparing his car in time to compete and gain championship points. When asked about it, Trucks replied, “I'm not able to run, so why not make sure someone else can? It's rally karma.”

And that, our rally family, is what we hope you will help us with – Rally Karma. John's car is a loss, although he may be able to save the motor. The Rally Kings have donated a spare shell and are scrounging a number of rally bits, but it lacks safety equipment and suspension. Emotionally, Trucks is a mess right now, but we'd like to see him back on the stages because he's a good guy. He's one of us.

So think to yourselves – for all the times someone lent you a wrench in service or a ratchet strap on transit; those moments another competitor gave you a tow into the final MTC (checkpoint) or graciously tugged you off a berm; the last-minute thrashes in service in the dark when a horde of people descended seemingly out of nowhere to help you change a transmission or hammer your suspension back in place when you thought all was lost – do you have Rally Karma you can pay forward?

If so, this might be the time to do it. Because the blood of rally family is thicker than water.

Our goal is to raise $8,000.00 to help John finish preparing his car for the stages. Goods and services are also welcomed. A proper rally roll cage will cost $3-5k. Suspension, seats, belts, and other parts will be additional. And you can be sure that this isn't somebody just asking to have a new ride built from the ground up on donations – The Rally Kings have skin in the game.

The Gorman Ridge Rally will put its money where its mouth is by kicking things off with a $500 donation to the GoFundMe drive. Because DNF is not a word our CRS Rally Family accepts.

Thank you for your support and press on.

Car #51 GoFundMe Link

Brian and Stacey Hamblin
Tony and Raquel Chavez
Gorman Ridge Rally Organizing Committee
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