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Just got back from Headwaters a few hours ago. Stacy and I had a blast! Thank you so much to all the workers who stood out in the mud and rain to put on a top notch event. You guys and girls are the best. Also, thanks to the sponsors for the great after-party. Lots of good food and tall tales. And finally thanks to all the competitors that helped us out. You know who you are. :)

Now for the run down. We started 29th. Stage 1 was a twisty mucky mess...at least I thought so. We were incredibly slow through that stage. Got passed by a BMW about halfway through. But...we didn't go off. Stage 2 was much better. Started to get a rhythm going and managed to hit 4th gear! :) Almost clipped a tree after getting caught in a rut (thanks AWD guys!). But...we didn't go off. Stage 3 was cool...don't remember much except I think I hit a bird. Oops. The transit from 3 to service sucked. Huge muddy ruts. And a ditch in the road too! At service something got messed up and we ended up 23rd on the road. Not sure how that happened but oh well. Needless to say we got passed a lot on stages 4, 5, and 6. Those stages were pretty sweet. Basically a lot like the first 3. Muddy, and slippery. But...we didn't go off. :) So...we finished our first rally! And we had a great time. Now we just have to work on increasing our speed. :)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who helped us out. We couldn't have finished without you. See you all at Arkansaw in July!!!

~Dave and Stacy
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p.s. I gotta ask...anyone with photos of 585 or video please email us at: [email protected] We really need photos bad. :) Thanks!

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Congratulations on your first finish! You certainly had everything but the kitchen sink (I think that might be where the flood came from) to contend with, that's for sure. As you get used to the car and get a chance to compete on other than oatmeal-like road conditions, you'll gain more and more confidence and keep going faster and faster:). Then you'll crash:(. Then you'll have to get over the fact that you crashed:p. Then you'll gain more confidence and keep going faster and faster:). Then you'll crash again:( and the cycle will repeat. Welcome to the addiction.

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It IS always good to rally in MN. The events are always well organized and the people are NICE. (Heck, about everyone honked and waved at us on ss5.... where we sat w/a broken gearbox).
Congrats to Dave & Stacy on your first event & thanks for waiting for us at the end.
Rob- I'm told you made the Colt (err, umm, pre-evo Lancer) look at home in the woods, slinging it sideways bigtime!
Thanks to Adam for the tip about Louie's pancakes in Superior - They were great- I expect the place already has the Winker stamp of approval...... That is one thing we have missed lately, Timbo's dinning guide for rallists. Tim- the Dorset House was great, beer-cheese soup, a very nice buffet, and wonderful blackberry pie.
Mark (Ben and Jerry are my friends) Buskirk even gave the turtle sunday 4 stars.

- jeff secor

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Rob, you've already seen my pic from the crossroads on SS4.

If anyone didn't see - here's Rob at full lock and totally sideways.


I was too busy playing with my camera to take good photos. Jerry was shooting right next to me - I bet he's got a doozy.

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Was anyone taking video at that turn? I'd love to see the video. I'm somewhat disappointed we ran out of tape from the inside, cause that turn was simply awesome from inside the cabin. I wish I could see it from the spectators view.

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Wink's Dining Guide

> Thanks to Adam for the tip about Louie's pancakes in
>Superior - They were great- I expect the place already has
>the Winker stamp of approval......

Ahhh, yes! Louis' Cafe on Tower Ave. We have started and ended a few Winter Rallies there.

>That is one thing we have
>missed lately, Timbo's dinning guide for rallists

We had burgers at The Royal in downtown Park Rapids. The ad outside said "possibly the best burgers in Northern Minnesota". They were darn good, but not quite as good (nor as cheap) as at The Anchor in Superior, Wisc. OK, so that's not Minnesota and the brag could be correct.

I keep threatening to share new restaurants that I have discovered on the rally circuit, but always forget in the rush to write News Releases and such after each event.
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