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Headwaters result / news?

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Anyone heard anything?
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We were there. We finished. Not sure where to be honest. I still haven't seen the results. Frankly I didn't care. hehe. We finished and that was our main goal. I think we even managed to get 2nd in group 5. Anwyay, it was super muddy. Rained all day saturday and into the night. Lots of offs. I think there was at least 2 per stage (or so it seemed). Here's what I remember from the awards ceremony.

1st G5: Dill/Dill
1st Open: Gossett/Dunn???
2nd Open: Havir/Putnam???

Not sure on the rest. I was kinda tired at that point. But I think a good time was had by all. The workers were great as were the sponsors. It was a great event!!

SMS Rallysport
Okay, this is what I seemed to remember.
1)Paul Dunn/Pete Gossett EVO 4
2)Doug Havir/Scott Putnam Subaru WRX
3???)Todd Jarvey/Rich Faber Galant

Mark Utecht was leading , but lost a couple gears.... Dennis Martin was doing very well until he coasted to a stop at the end of SS3 and was towed back in by Jim Cox's S-10. The car was refired at service after Dennis found that he had a faulty check valve. The problem came back to haunt him later....David Cizmas was MOST impressive in his GTI in Group 2 and was posting times faster than Bob Nielsen before he had something come apart in the engine... Dave LaFavor had several offs in his Eclipse and was beat in PGT by Thanasi Samaras (Talon)whose car sounded rather sickly at the end...Doug Dill won Group 5 in the ex-Hurst Mazda RX-7... I think Jim Cox won Production after Eric Seppanen retired at around SS3... the guy in the Group 2 BMW318i was flying on SS1 but never heard about his demise... all in all a fun event even the the roads were horrendously slippy.... The guy with the video equipment that was hanging around with me was Gustavo Rosso who is originally from Argentina and has filmed rally events in his country in the past. He had a blast at his first U.S. event and hopes to be at Ojibwe in August doing some filming. The footage he shot from the rally was impressive! Hopefully, I'll get a copy of the final product after it is edited. Thanks to everyone who was there and put on a great event!
Jerry Winker

P.S. It's going to be a few days before my photos get posted. My basement is getting new drain tile on Tuesday and things will be in a state of disarray for a few days.
Thanks to all of the workers
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I haven't been sent the results yet to post to the scca-lol.org website, but I have been available to do so all afternoon and evening, because I have been at my computer checking email and organizing photos.

If you're anxious for Headwaters news:

I have a few pictures of competitors going through the crossroads and quite a few of people at the party and the awards ceremony.

Sorry about the sketchy quality of the photos - light conditions were terrible with the day-long rain and all. I would have gotten better shots of all of the competitors if I wouldn't have been marshalling.

The important part is that my girlfriend had a good time at her first rally despite standing in the cold rain for hours at a time.
We (Utecht /Secor #83 Subaru) broke the gearbox on ss5 w/ about 2 miles to go....(as Petter would say.."we did'nt hit ANYTHING").
(why do they always break on an uphill?.
box was dead...1/2 hour later (after it cooled, schrapnel settled) we had 3rd and 4th....drove it out (w/a very toasted clutch- after the last car - before sweep).
We drove the last stage all in 3rd (POR, my friends).
Stage conditions:
5. SLIPPY W/NO DEER (we let Dunn by on the transit- he was catching us big time on ss4)....ask him if there were any deer on ss5, 6 ...hehe.

Big thanks to all the workers for putting on another great event.
- jeff secor
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Light rain began a few hours before the rally. It stopped an hour or two after everyone arrived back at the hotel. Lots of wet workers and spectators.

Lots of nice cars. 2 Lancer Evos, 2 nice WRXes. The average Club car is as clean and well maintained as the average Pro car from 5 years ago. 30 entries total, with half the field in seeds 5 & 6. A lot of passing on the stages, I'd guess mostly due to the road conditions, which tended to separate the crazy drivers from the sane ones.

The roads were very slippery in places, and quite decent in others. Tires were likely a big factor. Sounds like Michelin gravel tires worked poorly and Kumhos worked well.

9 months out of the drivers seat is a really long time. Took me most of stage 1 before I settled down and started nailing corners. This was my first time out on DMS suspension, and it rules. It doesn't feel rough at all, just soaks up the bumps so you can focus on driving. I'm very impressed.

I hope we get another shot at the crossroads at Ojibwe. The road approaching the jump was too slippery to get enough speed for big air.

I clocked in respectable times on SS1 & SS2, pulling out a good lead in Production and running well with a very skilled pack of G2 teams. Statements like that are usually followed by...

I ditched it on SS3, ran wide out of a left turn and then tried to keep my speed up and drive over the right bank on my way back onto the road. The bank first popped me up in the air, then caved away, directing me into a suprise ditch which swallowed up the car, and I ended up firmly leaning against a tree, passenger side a couple feet down in the ditch. Not too much damage; a little bit of body shop TLC and a new windshield and you'll never know the difference.
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Official Scores
The official scores as supplied by Dave Fuss are in pdf format.
Official scores: http://www.scca-lol.org/rally/headwaters/2002scores.pdf
Acrobat reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

If you have a question about the scores please refer to the pdf.

For your convenience the official scores have also been translated from the pdf into html.
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Didn't you guys let us pass on the transit to SS4? I seem to remember sitting at ATC for stage 6 w/car 501 behind us wondering what had happened to you guys.

And yes, there were a lot of deer on stage 5. We figured you were just going to let us clear the road!

At one point, a deer started to cross in front, went back to the side, came back toward us, & then ran along side the car kicking mud onto the windshield on my side. I think I spent as much time calling deer, as I did calling corners! Didn't see any deer on SS6, though.

It was a great time, I sure didn't expect to win my first event, either!

Pete Gossett
Central IL Region SCCA
Solo-2 Chair
93 VW Corrado/42GS;)
Our Headwaters story

Dennis and I had a good run together.

Unfortunately, just before the end of stage 3 the car coughed and acted like it was out of gas so we coasted across the finish line and in to the FTC. We moved the car out of the control zone by bumping the starter.

J.B. and Al tried to give us a tow, but the conditions were too muddy for their valiant little VW to pull us clear. We finally got a tow from the Coxes (thanks a bunch guys!) but by then we were 18 minutes late. The crew thinks it might have been a check valve problem.

We completed the 6th stage, then "ran out of gas" again a mile into the transit. Fortunately a green Jetta towed us back to the MTC where we just barely received our minute.

Playing the "what if" game: if we hadn't been 18 minutes late we might have finished fourth overall. If the car hadn't run out of gas *before* the finish line we might even have finished third.

The important part, however, is that we *finished* and we had fun.

Thanks to all for an enjoyable event.

I especially enjoyed the time chatting with the Utechts and Fritz (north from Minneapolis) and with JB and Heidi (south to Minneapolis). It's the people in our sport that keep me involved.

Rally on!


John Dillon John @ WidgetRacing.com
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Whats was the deal with Niday and Kintigh being with other driver/codriver? Bobbie ask Al first?

al was going to drive jb's old car that he (al) drove last year at HW where the old motor finally let go and it was not ready in time and brenda lewis wasnt able to codrive for bobby so al did since jeff was already committed to codriving for jb. jb claims that al was gonna try to find out why bobby's so fast. that is the simple version.
greg donovan
Congrats to everyone involved with Headwaters!

The pictures Jesse shared sure makes me homesick for Park Rapids, but this was one rally I'm glad I missed since I was down-for-the-count all day Sunday and wound up in the St. Johns/Tulsa ER yesterday morning thanks to a large kidney stone. It passed shortly after the morphine shot was administered, but - MAN - those stone thingys hurt almost as much as second-degree burns from a boiling radiator explosion! I can't even imagine what fun it would have been dealing with that discomfort on either tow or, worse, Saturday during the rally. I guess the Rallye Gods really do know best ...

Thanks for the pics and reports. I have got to get to Park Rapids in May 2003 so I can finally finish one of those Headwaters Rallys!
Sorry I missed this one, but in retrospect I'm glad I did!

Halley ...
RE: Congrats to everyone involved with Headwaters!

Ouch! Hope you're feeling better Mike. We'll catch you at Ojib in August!

~Dave and stacy
SMS Rallysport
RE: Congrats to everyone involved with Headwaters!

>Ouch! Hope you're feeling better Mike. We'll catch you at
>Ojib in August!

Even without the morphine I'm feeling pretty decent! Thanks. :)

Halley ...
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