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I rally to compete and have fun - realisticly that is all but about 5 drivers are doing in the USA. Even if a driver went out and won the US championship in 2003 it is very unlikely that same driver could make a living driving a rally car in 2004.

Therefore I am concerned by how seriously a lot of people take this sport, this passtime.

So please realax a bit and have a good time next year.

On that same note there seems to be a lot of concern about cheating - well what is the point in cheating since if one cheates they are not compeating nor are they gaining anything of value.

In Gp2[sup]3[/sup]I am working to provide a class all about fun and close competition. I belive since this is the only value of the class the people in the class will be adults and not brake the rules for if they do what is the point - what do they gain? That is why a lot of the enforcement will be by agreement not by inspection.

Viva Le Pro-Le-Ralliet
Gp2[sup]3[/sup] Golf Gti
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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