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Hated by codrivers the world over

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I was reading through some interviews with
codrivers on http://www.rallycodriver.co.uk/
They had a section in the interview for "Things
you dislike about rallying" Here are a bunch of
the responses. I think it's interesting reflecting
on the parallels and realizing that rallying may
not be a bed of roses in any other country.
Pretty much everything in the US scene ever
complained about shows up in Europe too....

Some of the more stupid rules. Organisers who don't respect competitors' opinions.

It's too expensive ** and I don't like the direction WRC is taking.

I dislike organisers' notes as they take a lot of the skill of co-driving away.

The ladder of progression is too big between grass roots and WRC.

Rally organisers who scrubbed sections because a minority of competitors got it wrong; thus, those that got it right had to protest and appear to be the villains.

When it's raining, and spectators who throw rocks!

The cost. If it was cheaper, more people would be doing more of it.

Drivers who 'slag off' co-drivers, early morning starts, rules and regulations

Politics and cheating! (Esp. notes on map events ? I think my views have been well documented on that one!)

The cost of entries, and the difficulty in Ireland to get same, due to over-subscription.

Too expensive

Many competitors do not appreciate the effort that organisers and marshals put in to making events run. Please remember to say thank you.

Petty officialdom, retiring from an event, and people who give the sport a bad name.

Arbitrary inconsistencies in the application of rules, regulations and policies by some authorities, from the MSA down.

All the politics (work can be bad enough)

Current seeding on events where Single Venue specialists get seeded above regular competitors that have been doing events in fields of 150 cars

Events are getting too sterilised and stages too short.

Unappreciative drivers

Mechanical DNFs. I despise mechanical DNFs.

The cost and the lack of coverage on TV.

The lack of opportunity in Britain for talented drivers to make it to the WRC.

The high costs. Also, mediocre organizers.


The time consuming scrutineering and documentation preamble. The money factor; buying results with sophisticated cars on small events..

I have learned to accept travelling, hotels, retirements

Those who will put nothing back into the sport when they retire. The benefit of experience can be a big help to youngsters.

The cost and the fact nobody stood at the side of the stage knows who?s winning

The amount of financial backing required to compete at WRC level.


Bad organisation. Drivers who get a few results and then reckon that their rallying should be paid for as they think they deserve it!

Events gradually getting shorter!


Apathy amongst competitors and spectators towards organising and assisting in the running of the sport.

If you get something out of the sport you should put something back in

Too many rules laid down by MSA committees who are generally racing orientated. Scrutineering (not because I do anything dodgy but because of the attitude of some officials, not all, most are true professionals).

The bitching at the finish

Sometimes it gets very political and people lose sight of the sporting element

Early starts! Having to drive on stages when there are spectators in the road.

The public perception of a few old bangers driving through the woods.

The change in rallying (it had to happen) - events used to be really tough!!!
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Well, yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
What about "transits from hell" on interstates.
or not having a nice watering hole nearby... or a Tim Horton's for that matter.
So.... I see a lot of "cost" and "spectators in the road" and "people who don't give back to the sport" and "people who don't appreciate the things the organizers and workers do for them" and, my favorite, "capricious and unfair rules-making/enforcing/etc."

Wow. Seems like we're not the only ones with problems with their rules-making/enforcing club! :)

Jeffy: Tim Hortons? Them Candjun Donuts? :) Good stuff!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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