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I came home early for lunch,flipped on the History Channel and caught an interesting show on racetrack technology. They spent quite a bit of time on the hans device and the recent deaths of circle track racers with basel skull fractures. (Made me want to get one.)

Followed by a show on the Autobahn. Comparisons to our own freeway system. One bit of interesting info; The autobahn was built with curves to be asthetic and blend into the countryside. Our own roadbuilders thought this a waste of time and built straight roads. The result was US roads induced white line fever and fatigue. The autobahn proved to be a safer road. The show said even with the unlimited speed limit its safety records still exceed our freeways. Let's here it for curvy roads and no speed limit.

I tried to see if it will be on again but got frustrated with the slow modem. thehistorychannel.com

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