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There has been alot of talk about getting coverage for regional entries on event TV shows, now here's your chance...

At the upcoming Rally Baie de Chaleurs in Quebec, there will be five minutes dedicated to the regional championship cars.

For anyone in the U.S. looking for almost guaranteed coverage, this is it!!

For additional details, see the post over on the Canadian Forum:

Hope some folks attend from the U.S., I'm not the first to say how great everyone is in Quebec...

Andrew Havas

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So far there are 6 teams from the New England - NY area that are registered. We ran this event last year it was outstanding. Police estimated they had 9000 - yes thousand - spectators over the 2 days.


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I'll be there! Ahem... crewing for Tim. But I'd be there anyway! As far as I'm concerned, Quebec is the way of the future. Nicest white people on earth, too, if you speak even a little French.

If there's any other SpecialStagers up there, look us up and say hey!

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