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This posting is in response to a previous posting, on the Canadiann Forum, in August 2003 that I made. I stated something which was incorrect, and at at the request of the CARS president I am posting this correction.
Group 5 cars are welcome in Canada as per the CARS rules. Any US competitor competing on an SCCA licence may enter their US Group 5 car in any event in Canada and be elegible for event awards.
To further atone for my error in only stating part of the rule, I am making the following offer. (Good things come in threes)
I will personally pay one third of the entry fee for the first three elegible Group 5 cars that enter the 2004 Galway Cavendish Forest Rally. In addition, I will personally fund a $300 US prize award for a Group 5 class provided there are three legitimate starters in Group 5 for that event.
(This may be a safe offer as there is currently no organizer for the 2004 CGFR, however that is a risk I am willing to take)
Peter Watt
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