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Greetings from across the Atlantic

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I was sent the link to this forum by someone and I have had a look around. It will be good to find out and discuss how Tom Lawless and Seamus Burke are getting on across the water :) I can keep up to date with how the British lads are getting on from www.britishrally.co.uk but it was always so difficult to find out about the Irish lads. If any of you are interested in Irish Rallying there is a forum available at http://www.totalrallying.com/Forums

Look forward to chatting with you all,

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Aha another britishrally forum member lol. Well if you register on http://www.totalrallying.com/Forums/ you will have to deal with an evil admin called CiaraC so behave ;) LOL
Des is a great moderator :)
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