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Greer Enterprises and Nokian Tyres announces the 2006 Contigency/Worker Awards for the Sno*Drift Rally Jan. 27/28, 2006 in Montmorency County, Michigan. This year marks the fourth consecutive year that this program has been offerred. This year's program will again award 1 set of [4] Nokian tires to the best finishing Nokian equipped AWD and 2WD cars in each of the 3 rallies- Sno*Drift National Rally, Sno* Regional Rally and Drift Regional Rally- and 2 sets to the rally workers. As part of the program, all Rally America licensed competitors, service crew members, workers, and organizing committee members are invited to purchase any Nokian Tyres from Greer Ent. at the regular Dealer Price untill and for the 2 months succeding the rally. Full details and rules are now available at: www.sno-drift.org. Contact Dave Parps at: [email protected] or 414 640-0693 to inquire about or purchase Nokian tires.
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