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Perfectly clear days in Oregon in late October are to be taken advantage of. Simon Levear put on a wonderful event so we could do that. And the battles were hot.

The Overall/Open class race started off with Ross Foster dominating early on in his Cascade Autosport Evo 8. Among the Subarus, Gary Cavett led Paul Eklund (first on the road) and Dave Hintz. That was stage 1 and 2. On twisty technical downhill Stage 3 we Hintz brothers posted 2nd overall quickest time and moved up in the cumulative standings into a tie with Eklund. After stage 4, the overall order was Foster, Cavett, Hintz, Eklund at the service halt.

Then everything started changing again. Stage 5 had major dust and Paul and Ross whupped us all. Paul got ahead of us and even Cavett on that stage. Immediately, and to our great relief, the organizer switched to 2-minute dust windows from his vantage point over the dusty valley. But Paul never let up, basically dominating the rest of the rally, as Ross ran with only the stock HID lights - no extras - into the night. The Hondas of Nelson/Flagg and Perret/Hanson posted some really quick times mixing it up with the open class cars when the road was virtually straight and downhill. Ross had a big enough lead that even though he was losing time he was safe. Dave Hintz continued to chip away at Cavett's big early lead. On the next 4 stages we eked him out by 4, then 1, 1, and 2 seconds. Cavett had a 13-second lead going into the last stage, but we managed to gain 14 on him to just barely finish 3rd overall.

With no huge mechanical problems or crashes, it was seriously good competition, with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th changing on almost every stage.

In Gp2 Steve Perrett put in an amazing drive to place 5th overall. Jamie Thomas won PGT. Mark Tabor took Production. John McKean won Gp5.

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I would like to thank Simon and all the volunteers for all their hard work in putting on a great rally!!! We had an absolute blast. Hopefully all the powers-to-be will grant us the oportunity to run this event next year:7 . To me this event was perfect--great roads, awesome weather,and the best people to spend a Saturday in the woods with! Thanx again to all that came out, and especially to the volunteers that make our sport happen.

Doug Dreith
PGT Impreza 1.8l AWD

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I second that!!

Super huge THANKS to all involved!!

Great people! Great roads! Great scenery!

Aside from Fred Flintstones bowling ball in the middle of that one apex in stage 2, there was no comparison in the smoothness of this event with any other I have done yet.. WOW

Steven Perret
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Driftin4 Racing
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Thank you, Simon, Oregon Region, landowners, NWR organizer-types, and all the volunteers who worked to make this such a great, fun event! The roads were fabulous, the service areas spacious, and the transits short. Lots of stages in this Coefficient II rally kept the pace going throughout the day and into night. Can't beat the views, either!

To those area competitors who opted to make take part in this event, you missed a great opportunity. Make it a part of your 2004 schedule, as this is one event not to be missed!

We would like to have had little more horsepower for those uphill climbs, but Steven(Perret) turned in 11 solid, quick stage times. This makes a perfect first season effort for team 226, having completed all five event days started! Kudos to driver and service crew for a super season in the northwest! It's fun turning heads with fast drives in that little orange Civic! Thanks for a fun year.

Kathryn Hansen, c/d
#226 Honda Civic

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Steve and Kathren

Hey I just looked at the results in detail. So on what your 3rd rally that little Orange Gp2 car managed 3rd overall on 3 stages and 2 stages 2nd Overall (one Tied with Derik also 2nd Overall)

Nice Job you two, see you at DooWops.


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RE: Good Rally

Simon did a great job organizing the event and operations ran pretty smoothly except posting scores which seems to be the bane of many rallies these days.

The Hintz's outlined the top positions pretty well. We took a few stages to get everything dialed in, and we were sweeping a fair amount of gravel off the roads for everyone behind. "it was a bit marrrble-ly," as one might say. By late afternoon we were in the groove and set top times into the night. It was great dicing with Hintz, Cavett, and Foster! They are all fast.

What they didn't say enough of was how fast, flowing and smooth the roads were. It was WRC-style high speed drifts on TERRIFIC roads. There was very little attrition and everyone seemed to come back all smiles (even Debbie Blanchard, rookie driver, with Claire Chizma after they attempted to push over a large tree with the front of their newly purchased Impreza Turbo. The bumper was pulled back out, the light bar strapped on, and off into the night they raced.)

Thanks Oregon Rally Group!


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Man, what an incredible rally. Great roads, only one delayed stage (minor), perfect weather, and an air-conditioned car. Thanks, Trevor, for great fun and a good ride. You earned that trophy, dude--well done, mate, well done!

I got to see John Forespring back in a rally car again, while Pat and Denise McMahon came up to the event to support safety steward Joe Noyes. Kurt Spitzner was there too.

Thanks Simon L, John E, Chris H, Ben B, and all the other volunteers who made this rally possible.

I can't wait to visit Mt. Hood again next year!

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