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From Ted Goddard:
I have very bad news.

Great North Woods is CANCELLED!

Maine Forest Winter is CANCELLED!

The sale of MEADWESTVACO land to Wagner Timber Management
has caused Wagner to put all activities on hold.
Our contact at Wagner assured us that this had
nothing to do with our events and they are willing to work
with us in 2004 to make the events happen.

Please get this out to all you can.

I thank you for all the work you did.



I know Ted did everything he could to make these events happen.
And I know that he was extremely confident that the events
were going to happen, before announcing that they were on, two
weeks ago. The last thing he wanted, was to inconvenience anyone.
I look forward to next year.


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Is this going to hurt the maine summer rally becouse the winter is run on the same roads as day two of the maine summer rally. my family owns a camp on the roads of the maine rally's and we have heard that the land in the area was up for sale but did not know that this would happen I was told that it might become a wildlife preserve in a few years.

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As the organizor of this years Georgian Trials, I can comisserate with the organizors of both events.

We too lost access to one of our roads, :( but were able to maintain use of two others. :)

As a result, GT03 will still run 8 stages, but will be 84 km long now and still counts as an out of division event for SCCA divisional points. We still have room for additional entries

Details can be found at http://www.kwrc.on.ca and follow the Georgian Trials links.

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I was going to go to Charlevoix........Cancelled
Then I was going to go to The Great North Woods Rally.....Cancelled
I was hoping to hit up The Maine Winter Rally........Cancelled
Maybe there was a chance of going to Quebec.......Cancelled

It doesn't look good for Northeast rallying. Thanks to all the organisers though for giving it a shot. God knows its not easy trying to put on event.

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I put the rally car away for the winter . This year ran 8 miles a ski sawmill. MFR I co drove could not find a co driver [ need to co drive every once and a while first time in 18 years not as bad as i thought it would be now i dont feel so bad about giving a co driver a fast ride ] [P.S. I am do for a big off its been way to long] See you all in the spring !!!!!!! ITS HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS PUTZIER #963:+ :+ :+ x( x( x( x(
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