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Its great to see the efforts being done by competitors to improve our sport, and I have had some thoughts of my own, on how we..
"the Grass Roots Competitor" Can Market Rally Racing in our own communites.
Marketing itself is accutually a quite simple idea.
"Get a message out to the public"
The message I wan't to send, is that Rally is a Great Sport, with Great people, anyone can participate, and its easy to get involved.
To get the message out all we need to do is get our cars out there
Events such as Parades, Car Shows are easy places to get noticed, talk to a car dealer and see if they will let you display the car there some weekend. Heck park on a busy street corner, with a small sign "Help Support Our Rally Team" I'll be you could get $100 bucks in an afternoon.
I know, that these tactics are not for eveyone, however the more people we can get interested in our sport the better right?
And if the public gets involved you can bet the bigger corperation with the coin to support us won't be far behind.
Just some thoughts...

Can't find the Forest through all these trees.
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