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Check out the new wheels we have available...

Revolution GR14 gravel wheels at our Alfa9 webstore.

This wheel has been widely used and tested in UK/Ireland rally events, with recent teams of Jock Armstrong/Paula Swinscoe winning the 2015 Scottish Rally Championship in their n11.

What makes these good rally wheels you ask?:
- Unique heat treatment means they hold their hardness after repeated braking heat cycles without becoming brittle or soft.
- Made from prime aluminum and not recycled = less impurities/iron content for greater strength/durability.

Both of these features are NOT available with some of the competitors' rally wheels.

Another nice thing about the GR14's is that they are available in a bunch of fitments and the pricing is good.

The GR14 comes standard in white. Optional silver, anthracite or gold for some cars. The wheels are made with the flow-formed technique to increase strength and reduce weight. And yes, they are Group N Fia legal.

Priced at $195/per wheel and that INCLUDES shipping to USA lower 48 states. Individual orders of over 8 wheels are eligible for further discount.

Please plan ahead because it takes about 10-15 business days from payment in the webstore to delivery at your address.
Typical stocked sizes pcd's are 4x100, 5x100, 5x114 and 5x120. Custom pcd and offsets can be ordered.
sizes: 15x6, 15x6.5 and 15x7

A little background....We had so many unique contacts through our wheel suppliers in the Alfa Romeo part of the business that it made sense to open a section of the site just for rally wheels. I always ran Compomotive's when I had my Mk2 Golf, and remember finding replacements to be kind of a pain and $$$, so I'm stoked to bring some options to the market. Be sure and check out the website because we are also selling BRAID Rally Wheels. And for Volvo, Ford, Porsche, VW historic cars the Maxilite Wheels.

Any general questions please ask here or for order specifics email directly through the website link. Thanks, Matt
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