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Gotta have faith - SCCA Licensing

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Earlier this week, I posted about my problems getting SCCA Central Licensing to return my phone calls inquiring about getting an expedited license in time for Rim. Well, I got the license (and lost the ride).

Based on what happened with me (as well as Ben), it would appear that you just have to have faith that Central Licensing will respond within the specified time (around 10 days for a normal license application and 2 days (24-hour turnaround plus another day to FedEx the license to you) for an expedited application).

Still, it would be nice if Central Licensing would return your call or change their voice mail greeting to indicate they won't return your call, but go ahead and submit your application and it will get processed.

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I had a simular experience.
And over time I realized that we are at the bottom of the SCCA's to do list. Roadracers will always come first.
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