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From the Gorman Rally website: [url]http://www.gormanrally.com/2015/08/15/gorman-welcomes-rally-utah-competitors/ [/URL]

Dear Rally Community,

The unprecedented circumstances at Rally Utah and its subsequent cancellation have devastated the entire rally community in many ways.

Now is the time to come together and support the Rally Utah organizers, Denise and Pat McMahon, as well as competitors who were entered, ready to drive the challenging mountainous roads of Southern Utah.

In a show of fellowship, the organizers of the Gorman Ridge Rally are extending an invitation to Rally Utah entrants to join us, at a discounted rate, so they will have an opportunity to recoup the lost points in the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series championships due to the event cancellation.

"Too much work, effort, money and time was spent to have this happen to them," stated Tony Chavez, one of the Gorman organizers.

The McMahons expressed gratitude for the show of camaraderie and collaboration from Chavez and co-organizers Brian and Stacey Hamblin.

"Pat and I would like to thank the Gorman Ridge Rally organizers for this generous offer to help the Rally Utah competitors to try and obtain their points for the SWRC series and for the OHPRG Championship,” Denise McMahon said. “This is how a rally community comes together to help one another as a family.”

As Gorman is a double coefficient 2 rally, entrants will receive 3X points (this equates to 6X points total) toward the championships in the Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series. Additionally, teams will also earn points toward the California Rally Series and the Pacific Rally Cup.

The Gorman Ridge Rally has been in existence for over 25 years and traditionally holds strong to a reputation of being one of the best regional rallies in the U.S.

The rally is Saturday, August 22, held in the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area in Gorman, California, with headquarters at the Holiday Inn Express in nearby Lebec, California. The first rally consists of Condor Stages (SS 1-9 / 30.2 stage miles); the second is The Cliffs of Gorman (SS 10-16 / 25.5 stage miles).

Don't be fooled by the stage miles, as this rally includes some of the most technical roads in the Southwest! Between the two rallies is a nearly two-hour service break featuring a fundraiser barbeque benefiting the Boy Scouts Troop #444. The event is sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport.

For further information visit www.GormanRally.com and www.NASARallySport.com. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Stacey Hamblin, Registrar, at [email protected] or 818-425-3226.

Best regards,

Brian and Stacey Hamblin / Tony and Raquel Chavez

Organizers of the Gorman Ridge Rally 2015
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